The Opti+5 Robot:
The professional robot cleaner
for photovoltaic panels
and glass roofs

Optimise the cleaning of your photovoltaic panels with the Opti+5 robot

The Opti+5 robot has been specially designed to clean photovoltaic panels and is especially suitable for panels installed on large or very large roofs.
Opti+5 is intended to optimise the cleaning of your photovoltaic panels whilst providing optimal productivity. If you are responsible for maintaining a solar farm, our system is tailor-made for your requirements, combining high levels of safety, productivity, and autonomous operation.


The safety of operators is our number one priority. The risks associated with working on rooftops mean there are certain rules to ensure any work is performed in user-friendly conditions. That’s why our robot is fitted with a remote-control system to make cleaning operations as safe as possible. Thanks to our system, the robot can be operated remotely from a cradle, with no need for the operator to climb onto the roof. In addition, Opti+5's lightweight aluminium chassis means it won’t cause wear to your photovoltaic panels. The Opti+5's brushes have also been specially designed so as not to damage photovoltaic panels, ensuring the longevity of your solar equipment.


Designed for professionals, the Opti+5 can increase the productivity of your solar panels by up to 15%. It's quick, durable and equipped with automatic brakes to stop the robot, even on steep slopes. In fact, the robot is suitable for use on slopes of up to 45%, which equates to a 21-degree incline.

And there are no doubts about its cleaning performance either:
the Opti+5 is capable of covering 400 m² per hour in two consecutive passes.


Solar panels have to be regularly maintained if they are to produce their maximum output. Organic waste, moss, bird droppings, dust and pollution can accumulate on the cells, compromising the performance of panels and shortening their services lives.

Rain is not enough to clean solar panels either; in fact, it tends to accumulate the existing dirt, stains and dust. Conducting regular maintenance on your solar panels is the only way to maintain their productivity year-on-year. Opti5+ is fitted with two rotating brushes at each end, with water injected into each individual brush to ensure optimum cleaning performance. Our system uses a total water comsumption of 0,2 to 0,6 l/m2.

The Opti+5 robot generally works its way up and down the roof. However, its tracks allow it to move in any direction, in order to ensure complete cleaning. This means that even inaccessible areas can be cleaned, in contrast to traditional cleaning equipment.


The Opti+5 robot comes with two batteries, each of which will power the robot for up to three-and-a-half hours. The robot can easily be set up to provide continuous cleaning, allowing it to cover an area of 2,400 m² in less than 8 hours (including setup and commissioning).

Thanks to its radio control system, the robot is exceptionally easy to use and can be manoeuvred remotely.